Finding good music for a video or a website is one of the hardest things in the world and if you want to do it the legal way it’s almost impossible to find anything good.

A lot of video editors, photographers, videographers, couldn’t care less, to them using music without paying for the rights is no worse that going over the speed limit when the cops not looking. But will they say the same when someone steals there stuff and doesn’t pay? My dad always says to me that the softest pillow in the world is a clear conscience. Even if no one cares to prosecute you, you are still in the wrong and you are stealing from the music artist.

A few weeks ago I came across a company called The Music Bed

The Music Bed from The Music Bed on Vimeo.

The Music bed uses real music artists and is signing new bands everyday. The music from The Music Bed can be used in any non-broadcast wedding and photography projects, web site background music and much more. We have used them for the last few photographer’s reel and have been very pleased with the outcome.

Our latest Photographer’s Reels with music from TMB

Christine Barker

Sara Tafoya


The objective in understanding “WHY” is to convert advocates and empower word of mouth and “word of mouse”. People grab onto ideas that are real and unfeigned, they become your evangelists, not for you, but for themselves. They talk about you and pass the word along because they hold the same values as you do, they look at the world through the same glasses as you do and this is what makes you “YOUnique”.  Market “WHY” you do what you do and you will start to work for clients that get you, love you and want talk about you.

A leader without a title is better than a title without the ability to lead.

-Simon Sinek

When I traveled with David Jay he would always talk about how to “Empower Evangelism”,  how to create word of mouth and “word of mouse”.

What is it about you or your company that would make anyone want to talk about you? Or like Jeff Jochum says “What makes you YOUnique in the industry?”


Is it WHAT you do?

A new photographer might say, I’m unique because I’m a “PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER”. (The word “PROFESSIONAL” is usually added just after the camera is pulled out of the box, some wait until they snap their first picture.) Saying that you are a “PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER” works until you want to make money because you soon realize that this isn’t enough to be unique with over 200,000 listed “PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS” in the U.S. alone .


Maybe it’s HOW you do it?

Photographers who want to make money realize that it’s more than calling yourself a “PROFESSIONAL”.  Go to Google and do a search for wedding photographers.  If you start reading the “ABOUT US” pages you will find that most state WHAT they do, and then move into HOW they do it… below are a few examples I found.

1. Sarah’s photography combines technical proficiency, patience, intuition, and her unique artistic sensibilities.

2. We have fun taking pictures…

3. Dustin is passionate about life and strives to capture the beauty of life’s most important moments in an enduring way

4. We go beyond the tired conventions, norms and overdone trends to create a timeless collection of images which celebrate your individuality and the feelings you share with those you love.

It’s semantics, because when you break it down they’re all saying the same thing, “we capture real moments with our unique style” and that’s great, but doesn’t every photographer do that?

Sadly this is where most photographers stop, they answer WHAT and HOW but never really understand WHY they do what they do.


Could it be WHY you do what you do?

Watching a recent TED Talk by Simon Sinek got me to ask the question WHY?

Why do I do what I do, and why should people care?

“Why you do what you do is your brand, it’s who you are as an individual and as a company.”

100% of all photographers know WHAT they do and most even know HOW they do it, but very few know WHY they do it.

In his TED Talk Simon Sinek talks about how people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. He says “the goal is not to do business with people who want what you have; the goal of business is to do business with people who believe what you believe”, this empowers evangelism.

Simon goes on to talk about Martin Luther King “In the summer of 1963 250,000 people showed up to hear Dr King speak, they sent out no invitations and there was no website to check the date, how do you do that? Dr. King wasn’t the only man to suffer in a pre-civil rights America, in fact some of his ideas were bad, but he gad a gift. He didn’t go around telling people what needed to change in America, he went around and told people what he believed, and people who believed what he believed took his cause and made it their own and they told people, and low and behold 250,000 people showed up on the right day at the right time to hear him speak. How many of them showed up for him? ZERO! They showed up for themselves, it’s what they believed about America that got them to travel in a bus for 8 hours to stand in the sun in the middle of August. It’s what THEY believed!”

WHY makes you “YOUnique”! WHY empowers evangelism!